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How Much is a Rebar Coupler


What determine the price of rebar coupler?

It is determined by the specification, steel market, quality and manufacturer of couplers.

1. The specifications of rebar coupler. According to the (JGT163-2013) standard, the specification of straight threaded rebar couplers are available in Φ16, Φ18, Φ20, Φ22, Φ25, Φ28, Φ32. The price of the small specification is cheap, and the price of the large specification is high.

2. The market price of steel products. The price of coupler is fluctuates up and down with the market price of steel products.

3. The quality of the steel coupler. The quality of the processing is good, and there are many inspection procedures, so the cost is high and the price is high.

4. The manufacturer. Qualified manufacturer has complete qualification , fast delivery, and good service, the price of sleeves should be higher than the unquality supplier.